Three Tricks for Flossing with Braces

It’s hard to encourage kids to floss no matter what, but it becomes even more challenging when the children have braces. Braces have wires that prevent people from flossing traditionally, and it is very difficult to do on your own. 

Here are three tricks to help make it easier for a child wearing braces to floss regularly: 

Use The Right Tool

Using floss on teeth with braces is difficult and frustrating. Floss threaders are inexpensive and disposable tools that are available in nearly any store selling toothbrushes and toothpaste. They are necessary to use when flossing teeth with braces, because they allow you to pull the floss through the teeth above the wire and reach the gum line. 

Help Younger Children Floss

You will most likely need to help your child floss because it is a difficult task that takes skill. It is best to have the child sit or kneel in a well-lit area because it can take time. If your child has a difficult time sitting still, put a TV show or music on to distract the child.

Use Waxed Floss

Since non-wax floss is more likely to catch on braces and leave behind shreds of floss, it is best to use waxed floss with a floss threader. Floss threaders slip between each tooth without catching easily. Gently slide the floss up into the gum line of both teeth before removing the floss and threader and going to the next tooth.

Although dental care is important for all kids, children with braces need to be especially focused on taking care of their teeth. Parents and guardians should play an active role in ensuring proper dental care. It will take your child about twice as long to floss with braces, but it needs to be done regularly to prevent gingivitis and plaque buildup.