Clear Braces, Clear Results

Clear braces at Germantown Orthodontics can transform your smile with subtlety. Dr. Erin Kopicki creates personalized plans in our Germantown office that are discreet and effective.

Find Your Clear Alternative to Metal

Dr. Erin designs clear braces to be less noticeable on your teeth than metal braces. Many older teenagers and adult patients at Germantown Orthodontics prefer this discreet option because you can get a great smile without the visibility of metal braces.

Ceramic braces with Dr. Erin can correct your bite and align your smile like metal braces. Clear braces at Germantown Orthodontics use composite materials with varying levels of transparency designed to match the color of your natural teeth.

These ceramic options blend in well with your natural smile. Though they're not entirely invisible, and the brackets are about the same size and shape as metal braces, they're much less noticeable for patients at our Germantown office.

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Differences Between Clear & Metal Braces

Clear and metal braces share the same goal of improving dental alignment, but they have distinct differences in terms of appearance, material, comfort, and cost.


The most noticeable difference between clear and metal braces is their appearance. Metal braces are more visible and are known for their traditional metallic brackets and wires.

On the other hand, clear braces are less noticeable. They use tooth-colored or transparent ceramic brackets that blend in with the teeth, making them a great choice if you're self-conscious about wearing braces.


The materials used in these braces also differ. Metal braces are made from high-grade stainless steel, making them very strong and durable. They can withstand most types of treatment and are less likely to break.

Clear braces, however, are made from ceramic or a composite material. They're also strong but generally more brittle than metal braces and may require more careful handling to avoid damage.


In terms of comfort, both braces can cause some discomfort, especially after adjustments. However, the edges of metal braces tend to be sharper and can sometimes cause more irritation to the inside of the mouth.

With their smoother ceramic brackets, clear braces are often slightly more comfortable and less likely to irritate the cheeks and gums.


Generally, clear braces are more expensive than metal braces. The advanced materials and aesthetic advantages of clear braces contribute to their higher price. Metal braces, being more traditional and easier to manufacture, are usually more affordable if you're on a tighter budget.

What to Know When You Choose Clear Braces

The two most common concerns from patients at our Germantown office are how to care for and pay for clear braces. Our team makes it easy to find the answers you need, and we’re always here to help!

Caring for Clear Braces

If you're concerned about ceramic braces staining, that hasn't been a problem for several years. Ceramic brackets won't stain, but the adhesive used to attach the brackets to the teeth and the clear elastic ties used to hold the wires in place can.

This can give an overall impression of discoloration or staining over time. You can avoid things like coffee and tea, red wine, tomatoes, and mustard to reduce the chance of staining. However, this is optional since Dr. Erin will change your elastics at every adjustment appointment.

If you maintain a good oral hygiene routine and follow the treatment plan designed by Dr. Erin, you won't have to worry about your braces.

Paying for Clear Braces

Your treatment fee at Germantown Orthodontics will vary depending on the complexity of your orthodontic treatment. Dr. Erin will determine a treatment fee that fits your orthodontic needs, and our team will do everything possible to accommodate you and your budget.

At Germantown Orthodontics, we offer flexible payment plans, automatic bank drafts, and we'll check with your Wisconsin insurance company for orthodontic benefits.

Our treatment coordinators will happily review the cost with you at your first free consultation at our Germantown office.

Learn If Clear Braces Are Right for You

After a thorough orthodontic evaluation with Dr. Erin, we can determine which treatment option is best for you and your smile.

At Germantown Orthodontics, we generally think ceramic braces suit adults and older teens. Schedule a free consultation at our Germantown office to learn if they may be right for you.