Welcome to the Germantown Orthodontics Family

At Germantown Orthodontics, you’ll get the latest treatments from a team that puts you first. When you visit our Germantown office, Dr. Erin Kopicki and her team will make you feel like family.

Your First Visit

You’ll meet our team and Dr. Erin during your free consultation at our Germantown office. During this initial orthodontic exam, we’ll review your medical history and do a comprehensive oral examination.

Our team will take full orthodontic records so we can fully diagnose your smile needs. This diagnostic will include photographs of your face, teeth, bite, impressions of the teeth, and usually an additional X-ray to help us determine if you’re ready to start braces treatment.

After the exam, Dr. Erin will create a customized treatment plan to give you your best smile. Our treatment coordinator will review an estimate of fees of service and insurance coverage and discuss a payment plan (if applicable).

During your visit, Dr. Erin will review the goals and limitations of your treatment and discuss the treatment plan in detail. If you’re getting full braces, you can have your brackets placed on the same day as your free consultation.

Financing & Insurance Information

Your treatment at Germantown Orthodontics is always affordable. Finances won't stand in the way of giving your family stunning smiles. Our interest-free, in-house financing provides flexible payments that fit your family's budget.

We'll review your treatment fees and expected insurance benefits at your first appointment. Our team will work with you to file claims, complete paperwork, and do anything else to help make your treatment stress-free!

Our office offers and accepts the following:

  • In-house financing
  • Paid-in-full discounts
  • HSA/FSA accounts
  • ACH withdrawal
  • Automatic bank drafts
  • Credit/debit card payments