A beautiful, confident smile looks great on everybody! Sometime’s though, our mouths need a little help to become more straight and aligned. Orthodontic treatment focuses on creating a healthy bite so that your child can enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile.

Childhood is the best time to schedule an appointment with a orthodontist because it is much easier to make adjustments while a child’s mouth is still growing. Our upper and lower jaws act like well crafted gears, and orthodontic treatment helps guide the bite into a more natural position. The end result is often a straighter, more comfortable bite.

Timing and individual needs both play an important role in your child’s orthodontic treatment. You should meet with your orthodontists while your child is still young to determine the best timing and treatments for them.  Contact Germantown at (262) 255-4922 to schedule an appointment today!

Source: https://www.aaoinfo.org/blog/does-my-child-need-to-wait-to-see-an-orthodontist