Wondering what to expect during your first visits at Germantown Orthodontics? We generally start with a consultation, evaluate your records, review your recommended treatment plan, and get you started towards a confident smile. Learn more below.

Visit 1 – Consultation

At your first visit, you will meet with Dr. Kopicki for an initial orthodontic consultation. Medical history will be reviewed, and a comprehensive oral examination will take place. Sometimes, an x-ray may be necessary to determine if you are ready to start braces treatment.

After the exam, Dr. Kopicki will review treatment options tailored specifically for you. Our treatment coordinator will review an estimate of fees of service, your insurance coverage, and discuss a payment plan (if applicable).

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Visit 2 – Records

During your second visit, full orthodontic records will be taken so we can fully diagnose your teeth and bite.  This will include photographs of your face, teeth, bite, impressions of the teeth, and usually an additional x-ray. Separators are placed at this appointment as well.

GTOrthodontics Visit2 Germantown Orthodontics

Visit 3 – Diagnosis / Banding and Bonding

At your third visit, you and your family will meet with Dr. Kopicki to review the goals and/or limitations of your treatment and discuss the treatment plan in detail. Additionally, payment arrangements will be finalized and any necessary paperwork signed at this appointment.

If full braces are prescribed, the braces (bands and brackets) will be placed at this appointment. If an appliance is recommended, bands will be fit around the back teeth and an impression will be taken to have the appliance fabricated.

GTOrthodontics Visit3 Germantown Orthodontics

Subsequent Appointments

Generally, patients will be seen once every 4 to 6 weeks in order to make adjustments to the braces, check for any broken appliances, and continue treatment. If these appointments are missed, braces may be on for a longer period than originally estimated so make sure to come on time to these appointments.

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